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[2016-09-21] BRILNT Actuator will participate in the VALVE WORLD EXPO2016 - BRILNT Actuator will participate in t… (more...)


➙ YG-Series Heavy Duty Actuators - YG Series Pneumatic Actuator ——Symmetrical and Canted Yokes    Yoke is the heart of YG series actuators, which converts linear motion into rotary motion. The piston and/or spring are … (more...)

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Heavy-duty Scotch-yoke Pneumatic(Hydraulic) Actuator
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YG Series pneumatic actuator modules are the result of BRILNT's superior engineering design and precision manufacturing capabilities, which can be perfectly mounted on quarter-turn valves including ball valves, butterfly valves, and rotary valves. In addition, this series actuator can be flexibly configured and connected directly with all types of accessories (including manual hand-wheel modules, hydraulic- manual modules, limit switches, solenoid valves, locators, and other control accessories), achieving automation control through failure position on-off, retention, and modulating services, and therefore improving the operating flexibility and efficiency and reducing the costs.

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